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Top Tips for Using silicone kitchenware

meishun 2022-02-25

About silicone kitchenware:


Top Tips for Using silicone kitchenware


Before first use, wash new silicone pans in warm soapy water or pop in the dishwasher. After drying, condition them with a smear of cooking oil or non-stick baking spray and wipe off the excess.


Repeat this process before each use. Some baking recipes also call for you to flour the pans too–refer to your individual recipe for instructions here.


Fill your silicone pans the easy way. Because the pans are so flexible, it is much easier to fill them with the mixture with your muffin molds or cupcake molds on a baking tray–this makes it very much simpler to transport your silicone bakeware to the oven!


Follow the instructions for the recipe you are using for how much to put in each pan–cupcakes and muffin molds can be filled almost to the rim but a general rule of thumb is to fill them as you would, ordinary bakeware.


silicone kitchenware

I have to follow a gluten free diet and have found that I get better results with gluten free recipes if I use a silicone pan instead of a metal one. As an example, my sponge mixture seems to rise better and I do not have problems with the mixture burning at the edges (this was a problem in a metal pan).


Preparing the oven before baking: Always preheat your oven to the required temperature before putting your pans in the oven. Bake on an oven rack in the center or slightly below the center of your oven. Never use your silicone pan on any sort of direct flame or heat source–you cannot use them on a hot plate or gas ring.


Where can I buy silicone kitchenware?


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