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What is the reason why silicone products tend to absorb dust

meishun 2021-11-09

About silicone products:


It is well known that silicone products are easy to stick to dust, so why do silicone products absorb dust? I believe that many friends who have used silicone products will have such problems, especially some silicone mobile phone cases, which are often easy to get dust and are not easy to clean. So what are the reasons for silica gel products to absorb dust?

What is the reason why silicone products tend to absorb dust

Today, Meishun will come to explain to everyone. Silicone products have good heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. The outstanding performance is wide use, but there is a common problem, that is, dust. Due to the characteristics of silica gel itself, make it have the problem of adsorbing dust.


However, when it comes to the adsorption force in the solid silicone products, many silicone mobile phone cases, silicone watchbands and other accessories will appear sticky dust. Therefore, compared with other materials of accessories, silicone sticky dust is also a greater disadvantage. However, many friends have always wanted to ask about the adsorption of silica gel. Why do organic solid silicone products appear to be dusty when the same is made of silica gel? What about sticky dust in most other silicone products?


Meishun thinks that silica gel is mainly for physical adsorption. Even if it is placed where it is, nearby cilia or dust will gradually stick to the surface of the product following the electrostatic reaction. Since the raw material of silicone is anodized, it can be used as a variety of chemical aids. The material has a strong adsorption reaction to other polar substances. In order to enhance the adsorption capacity of silica gel, the active structural unit of the adsorbent should be increased.


In fact, the adsorption force of silica gel products is the characteristic of silica gel. All silica gel products have the problem of adsorbing dust. It is only that some silica gel products have undergone many processes before they leave the factory, so that their products will not absorb dust. In the raw materials, the additives in organic silicon and inorganic silicon are different, and the different adsorption methods can reduce the silicon chain structural unit in the silica gel material. A large amount of water can be added during the mixing of raw materials to destroy the adsorption strength of silanol and reduce the active ratio of silica gel adsorption.


The main solution to sticky dust is what the silicone product company has to do. After the product is processed, some products with strict appearance can be sprayed with anti-static oil to reduce the adsorption strength, while the adsorption strength of the silica gel material is different in different processes. Of course, different products have different functions. For the daily necessities and gifts purchased by consumers, it is best to have anti-dust and electrostatic oil, while industrial accessories and electronic accessories are unnecessary.


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