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Ruban adhésif en silicone respectueux de l'environnement


Port: Dongguan, Chine

Dimensions: petites

Matériau: silicium

Emballage: une seule pièce

Capacité de production: 50 000 pièces / mois

Caractéristiques: protection de l'environnement

Mode de paiement: T / t, Western Union, UnionPay

Meishun est l'un des principaux fabricants et fournisseurs de vaisselle en silicone, de produits de base en silicone, de produits médicaux en silicone et d'accessoires en silicone en Chine.La qualité de nos produits a été certifiée à l'échelle internationale à un prix abordable.Bienvenue à commander nos produits.

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Ruban en silicone respectueux de l'environnement - meishun

  • China Silicone strap manufacturer


    What is Environmentally friendly Silicone strap? Silicone straps have always been loved by everyone, and silicone is the preferred material for smart watch straps. I believe everyone has seen that many athlete watches and children's smart watches use silicone straps, because silicone watch straps are resistant to wear and tear. , High temperature resistance, non-deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects to the human body and other characteristics and softness, non-cracking, long service life, non-irritating to the skin and other advantages.


      Product Name   Silicone strap
      Product size   6*1 cm weighs about 1.6 grams
      Product material   Environmentally friendly silicone
      Product color   Black, white, blue, red, green, purple, can be customized
      Product packaging   According to the number into the bag, carton outer packaging, packaging can be customized
      Product usage   Tying various data cables, storing and tying various headphone cabl


    Environmentally friendly Silicone strap


    Meishun Silicone strap


    Meishun Silicone products is a professional Silicone tableware Manufacturer, Silicone daily necessities Supplier.


    Meishun is a professional supplier of environmentally friendly Silicone strap, with good quality and low price. We sincerely recruit domestic and foreign agents. Environmentally friendly Silicone strap products are exported to dozens of foreign countries and regions. Welcome to contact us for cooperation.


    Meishun is a professional manufacturer of environmentally friendly Silicone strap, medical silicone products, Silicone seal and silicone daily necessities. The most obvious advantage of silicone parts is that they can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃ and keep the original shape; Silicone parts are relatively soft, have good compatibility, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless; Silicone strap can make the color of accessories become diversified, no longer face monotonous accessories every day; Silicone seal have good hydrophobicity and permeability, and can also resist aging and reduce friction noise. >>> More Silicone accessories

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