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Silicone bags in China


Port:Dongguan, China

Size: small

Material: Silicon

Packing: single

Production capacity: 50000PCS/month

Features: environmental protection

Payment methods: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Meishun is a company specializing in the production of silicone cups, and it has been well received by international exhibitions to open up markets in developed countries.

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Silicone bags in China - Meishun silicone

  • Silicone bags in China


      product name Silicone cup
      Product size 80*90mm*1.5mm
      Production Process a silicone product made from high-temperature vulcanized silica gel as the main raw material through the molding process of vulcanization.
      Purpose It can be carried outdoors when traveling, convenient for storage, used for promotional gifts or gifts, etc., can be printed with lougou
      A finished silicone cup needs to go through the following processes
    1. Raw material preparation (also called rubber mixing, material preparation, etc.): including raw rubber mixing, color matching, raw material weight calculation, etc. 
    2. Vulcanization molding (also called hydraulic molding): High-pressure vulcanization equipment is used to vulcanize at high temperature to make the silicone raw materials into solid molding.
    3. Phifeng (also called processing, deburring, etc.): The silicone products that come out of the mold will carry some useless burrs and swarf.
    Need to be removed; In the industry, this process is completely completed by hand, and some factories also use a punch to complete.
    Fourth, printing, cleaning and deodorizing, coaxing baking!



    high-temperature vulcanized silicone cup


    Meishun Silicone bags in China


    Silicone daily necessities have many performance advantages:

    The first point is that there will be good convenience in use, because when users use any product, they also hope that it has good convenience. Only when it has good convenience, will it be convenient? Let users have good satisfaction in their use. Therefore, this point also needs to be improved by users, so this is what users need to value when choosing.

    Moreover, it will also have good airtightness during use. There are many uses that need to have corresponding airtightness, so that you can use this kind of silicone in daily necessities. It will be used in your own products. There will be a good sealing effect in use, so there will be good user satisfaction, but it also depends on what kind of product it has its own performance, because it has its own performance, It will make its use space larger, and at the same time, it will have a good heat insulation effect in the use of the product.


    The reason why this kind of silicone daily necessities can be used well in kitchenware is to take advantage of its performance in this aspect in the process. Moreover, this material will also have a good anti-oxidation effect in use, which can greatly increase its service life. Therefore, in this case, the user will be satisfied because it has a good effect. The service life of the product will increase the cost-effectiveness of the product, but what is mentioned here also needs to meet the requirements in production, so it is necessary to allow users to choose a truly good brand.


    For more product information about YouTube information of silicone toys Manufacturer, you can click on the relevant link below.

    Silicone toys Manufacturer - Meishun silicone design

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