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Порт: КНР

размер: маленький

материал: кремний

упаковка: шт

производительность: 50 000 штук в месяц

особенности: охрана окружающей среды

форма платежа: телеграфный перевод, Западный союз, серебряный союз

США является одним из ведущих производителей и поставщиков столовой посуды из силикагеля, силикагеля, медицинских изделий из силикагеля и запчастей к нему.качество нашей продукции уже сертифицировано на международном уровне, цена реальна.Добро пожаловать заказывать наши продукты.

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  • China Silicone accessories wholesaler


    What is Mask silicone adjustment buckle? The silicone protective cover is made of food-grade silicone raw materials, which has high and low-temperature resistance, good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection, and drop resistance. It provides good protection measures for items. Silicone protective covers have become a common protective decoration in our lives. Taste. What are the advantages of the silicone protective cover? 1. The silicone protective cover can protect electronic products well to prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the objects. 2. The protective cover can be printed with various styles and colors, which is fashionable, beautiful and generous. 3. The silicone sleeve can prevent the nails from being scratched and worn out when contacting the keys for a long time, and has the effect of protecting objects. 4. The silicone sleeve has a non-slip effect; and the feel quality is very good. 5. Easy to use, dust-proof, fingerprint-proof, easy to handle; moderate soft and hard. 6. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection and high-temperature resistance. 7. The price of silicone protective cover is relatively moderate, but there are many cottages on the market now, so you must have the ability to discern when choosing.


      Product Name   Mask silicone adjustment buckle
      Material:   Silicone molding, there are two shapes, one is round flat shape, the other is spiral cylindrical shape.
      The upper and lower through holes, the aperture is divided into: small hole 3MM, large hole 7MM, height 10MM.
      Product features   Environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, soft and skin-friendly, easy to slide
      Control the length of the mask rope to make wearing the mask more comfortable.
      Color   Black, white, color
      Purpose   Adjust the length of ear straps of various masks


    Mask silicone adjustment buckle


    Meishun Silicone buckle


    Meishun Silicone products is a professional Silicone tableware Manufacturer, Silicone daily necessities Supplier.


    To buy Mask silicone adjustment buckle, look for Meishun Plastic, a manufacturer specializing in the production of Mask silicone adjustment buckle. We have long-term cooperation agents in dozens of foreign countries and regions. At the same time, we welcome more new and old customers to cooperate with us, with many styles and low prices. Good quality, large quantity. For Mask silicone adjustment buckle, choose Meishun Plastic, the manufacturer of Mask silicone adjustment buckle. Your trust is our greatest motivation.


    Meishun Plastic is a company specializing in the production of Mask silicone adjustment buckle, silicone kitchenware, silicone jewelry gifts, silicone sleeves, Silicone cosmetics OEM, many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you. >>>More Silicone daily necessities

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