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Protector de silicona para agujas


Puerto: Dongguan, China

Tamaño: pequeño

Material: silicio

Embalaje: una sola pieza

Capacidad de producción: 50.000 unidades / mes

Características: protección del medio ambiente

Método de pago: transferencia telegráfica, Western Union, UnionPay

Meishun es una producción profesionalNProtector de silicona de aguja. A través de la exposición internacional para abrir el mercado de los países desarrollados, bien recibido.

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Productos de silicona meishun

  • China Medical silicone products OEM


    What is Needle silicone protective cover? First, the silicone protective covers we have used in daily life are: Needle silicone protective cover, Xiaomi remote control cover, mobile phone case protective cover, Bluetooth speaker protective cover and so on. In terms of medical treatment, many medical silicone factories also produce a lot of protective covers for silicone medical devices. For example, the button protective cover on the machine is a kind of silicone product that we are more common in hospitals! Now, the silicone protective sleeve is an indispensable product in our lives. But when you buy, you must choose safe, reliable, non-toxic and harmless silicone products! It is resistant to high and low temperatures, 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a mainstream product with environmental protection concepts in the silicone gift market today, so silicone products are very popular among consumers.


      Product Name   Needle silicone protective cover
      Product specifications   5.5*0.35cm
      Product features   Food-grade silicone material, strong elasticity, long life, can directly contact the skin of the oral cavity
      Product packaging   100 pcs/bag
      Product use   Flushing needle protection, instrument needle protection, bump protection, various medical equipment sharps protectio.



    Meishun Silicone Needle


    To buy needle silicone protective cover, look for Meishun Plastic, a manufacturer specializing in the production of Needle silicone protective cover. We have long-term cooperation agents in dozens of foreign countries and regions. At the same time, we welcome more new and old customers to cooperate with us, with many styles and low prices. Good quality, large quantity. For Needle silicone protective cover, choose Meishun Plastic, the manufacturer of Needle silicone protective cover. Your trust is our greatest motivation.


    Meishun is a professional manufacturer of good elasticity and high adhesion silicone swimming capGood elasticity and high adhesion silicone swimming cap has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, softness, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless and long service life. Compared with other products, the price is lower under the same conditions. Especially after the recent silicone price rise, the price advantage is obvious. Products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, welcome new and old customers to contact us. >>>More Silicone daily necessities

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