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Headphone silicone protective strip


Product name: headphone silicone protective strip

Port: Dongguan, China

Size: Small

Material: Silicon

Packaging: Single

Production Capacity: 50000PCS/Month

Feature: Environmental protection

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Meishun is an enterprise specializing in the production of headphone silicone protective strip. Through the international exhibition to develop markets in developed countries, well received.

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Headphone silicone protective strip - Meishun Silicone products


      Product Name   Headphone silicone protective strip
      Product size   30*190*1.6MM weighs about 60 grams
      Product material   Environmentally friendly silicone, with oily surface
      Product attributes
      Soft and skin-friendly, wear-resistant, dust-resistant, good surface feel, tear-resistant, protective effect, and beautiful decoration.
      Product color and shape   Black, white, red, blue, pink, gray, green. Color and shape can be customized according to customers
      Product packaging   Plastic bag for packaging, carton packaging
      Uses   Used for various styles of big headphone protection strips, headphone accessories decoration effect!


    Headphone silicone protective strip


    Meishun Silicone products is a professional Silicone tableware Manufacturer, Silicone daily necessities Supplier.


    Meishun is a professional supplier of headphone silicone protective strip. The quality of headphone silicone protective strip has been certified by the country and the price is low. Welcome new and old customers to call and book in bulk.


    Meishun is a professional manufacturer of headphone silicone protective strip, medical silicone products, Headphone silicone protective strip and silicone daily necessities. The most obvious advantage of silicone parts is that they can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃ and keep the original shape; Silicone parts are relatively soft, have good compatibility, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless; Headphone silicone protective strip can make the color of accessories become diversified, no longer face monotonous accessories every day; Headphone silicone protective strip have good hydrophobicity and permeability, and can also resist aging and reduce friction noise.

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