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How Silicone daily necessities increase service life

meishun 2022-02-10

About Silicone daily necessities:


How Silicone daily necessities increase service life


Due to the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, low price and long service life of silicone products, a variety of silicone products have been derived and occupy a part of the market.


Silicone products have excellent performance in the impression of most people, and the experience of tear resistance and stretching is very good. However, many old customers will find a problem after using silicone products for a long time, that is, the silicone products will gradually age, and there is no elastic viscose phenomenon, so the performance of silicone products has always been very good, why is there aging? Phenomenon, what caused it?


Silicone daily necessities

The adhesiveness of silicone resin is higher than that of many rubbers, but silicone products, like other materials, will also experience aging. This is due to the rupture of the internal molecular chain, which makes the performance of silicone change greatly. For rubber products In other words, the most feared thing about silica gel is ultraviolet rays. The irradiation of ultraviolet rays will directly cause the molecular chain of silica gel to break. This is because rubber and plastic products can absorb light energy, so that free molecules are generated in the rubber.


The first point that causes the aging of silicone products is that the lifespan is too long. This situation is relatively rare. As long as the silicone products are not broken with sharp knives, or used in other unsuitable scenarios, they can be used for at least 10 years. Up to a hundred years. Often used at high temperature or in a high temperature environment for a long time, it will accelerate the oxidation environment of silicone products and cause aging. Therefore, when we use silicone products, we should try to avoid long-term use in the environment of high temperature and high pressure, chemicals and ozone, which can effectively alleviate the aging phenomenon of silicone products, thereby improving the service life of silicone products.


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