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How to remove the peculiar smell on Silicone tableware

meishun 2021-12-15

About Silicone tableware:


How to remove the peculiar smell on Silicone tableware?


The smell of Silicone tableware is not unpleasant. Why does it smell? The reason is machine thermoforming! Many raw materials will emit peculiar smell after high temperature, and Silicone tableware is no exception. After three days, the smell will slowly dissipate.


Silicone tableware

Generally, Silicone tableware will inevitably have some peculiar smell when it leaves the factory, and some products are more difficult to disperse in a sealed package. In the Silicone tableware industry, some products have a fruity aroma when they leave the factory, but they actually contain perfume additives. However, when it was exported to the United States, after a strict FDA inspection, it was found that many perfume additives could not pass. The smell is normal, because Silicone tableware needs to be hardened during the production process and requires some additional ingredients, which are equivalent to catalysts in chemical reactions. Most of these substances are tasteful. It is also very simple to remove the smell of Silicone tableware.


The following methods may help you:


1. Expose Silicone tableware to the air for 2-3 days, the smell will dissipate naturally.


2. If it is not too troublesome, soak the Silicone tableware in boiling water for 2-3 hours, and most of the peculiar smell can be dissipated.


3. The use of deodorant can effectively remove the various odors that may be released by the resin and additives during the processing and use of Silicone tableware, improve the production environment of silica gel and the environmental protection level of the product, use low dosage, high deodorization efficiency, convenient use, and environmental protection It is non-toxic and should be available on the market.


4. Soak the Silicone tableware in salt water and vinegar for about ten minutes, and it will be basically tasteless.


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