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The difference between food grade silicone and ordinary silicone products

meishun 2022-07-12

The difference between food grade silicone and ordinary silicone products


I believe that everyone is familiar with silicone products. You can see many different silicone products in your life. Different silicone products use different raw materials, generally divided into food-grade and ordinary-grade silicone raw materials, so what is the difference between food-grade and ordinary silicone products?

1. Distinguish from the molding process


Ordinary silicone raw materials are processed by the most traditional vulcanizing agents. Although the products are non-toxic and odorless, they have a fatal disadvantage, that is, ordinary silicone products will turn yellow or turn yellow with time if the product is not maintained. Dark pattern. The food-grade silica gel is processed by imported silica gel raw materials and two-component addition vulcanizing machine, and its performance is much better than that of ordinary silica gel.


2. Distinguish from the scope of application


Ordinary silicone is most commonly used in environmentally friendly industrial supplies, accessories, auto parts, and electrical accessories; food-grade silicone is widely used in medical and health products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchen utensils, silicone gifts, etc.), baby products and other safety and environmental protection level requirements on higher fields.


3. Distinguish from surface and performance


Ordinary silicone cannot achieve some performance effects, such as: the temperature range of -40~280° will not turn yellow and degrade for long-term use; the general ordinary silicone in the silicone product manufacturers considers the time and processing cost, the vulcanization process will not do well, Therefore, ordinary silica gel has a great odor; the surface is opaque and there is also the phenomenon of sticking dust. All in all, ordinary silica gel is far from the performance of products made of food-grade silica gel.


Ordinary silicone material is not very bad. In daily necessities, ordinary silicone raw materials can meet the standard requirements for silicone miscellaneous parts, silicone sealing products, silicone electronic accessories, etc., which can achieve a certain service life. The strength can reach a practical range, so the use of ordinary rubber is often used in some machinery, electronics, automobiles and some accessories in the agricultural industry, and the standard of life is also considerable.


The function of food-grade fumed glue material is relatively broad. Common silicone gifts, silicone daily necessities and kitchen utensils are all made of fumed glue. Its main performance is to achieve higher purity environmental protection effects and various performance benefits. Improvements, such as tensile force, temperature resistance, anti-aging strength, product texture, etc., compared with ordinary glue, fumed glue has a wider and more powerful effect.


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