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What should I do if the silicone product has a peculiar smell

meishun 2022-03-15

About Silicone tableware:


What should I do if the Silicone tableware has a peculiar smell


With the growth of people's quality of life and increasing demand, silicone products have also become popular and gradually accepted by everyone. Silicone products are widely used. If you are a mother, it is not difficult to find that the pacifiers used by babies are generally made of silicone, the silicone mobile phone case we hold in our hands, the prosthesis used professionally in medicine, and the separation column used to separate various organic substances in the laboratory. , Silicone plays a very important role in our production and life.


Many careful friends may find that newly purchased silicone appliances can smell an odor. What is the cause of this odor?


Before the liquid silicone is cured, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and has no odor. However, when making silicone appliances, it is time to add color masterbatch and vulcanizing agent, and then use a hydraulic press or an injection machine to form at high temperature. A little odor will be produced during this process, which is a normal situation. After two or three days of natural ventilation, the odor will disappear naturally without affecting the quality of silicone products.


However, if the odor of silicone products is abnormally pungent, you need to pay attention. It may be that the manufacturer of silicone products has used unqualified silicone raw materials or vulcanizing agents.


Silicone tableware

Silicone itself is actually a relatively safe material, so everyone should try to choose products from major manufacturers when purchasing, so that safety is also guaranteed.


If the purchased silicone products have a strong odor, we can try to eliminate the odor with the following methods:


1. Boiled method


That is, boil it in boiling water for 10~30 minutes, remove it and dry it, and use it in those silicone products that are water-resistant but not high-temperature resistant;


2. Baking method


That is, directly bake at 200°C for 10~30 minutes, and finally clean and wipe with a clean damp cloth, and bake it to dry;


For silica gel without peculiar smell, we still recommend to use the above method once before use, which is safer. In addition, some silicone materials are thin and soft, and the manufacturer may only recommend scalding them with hot water, so try to scald them as many times as possible to promote the volatilization of residues. If you have a high-temperature steam sterilizer at home, you can also try it.


Some friends will want to use ultraviolet disinfection to sterilize silicone products. However, it should be noted that when using ultraviolet disinfection, excessive ultraviolet radiation will cause the aging of the silicone and shorten the life of the silicone products.


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