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легко очищенная силикагелевая прокладка


Порт: КНР

размер: маленький

материал: кремний

упаковка: шт

производительность: 50 000 штук в месяц

особенности: охрана окружающей среды

форма платежа: телеграфный перевод, Западный союз, серебряный союз

мицунь - профессиональное производство силиконовая прокладка.Открытие рынков развитых стран с помощью международных выставок было воспринято положительно.

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легко очищенный силикагель

  • China's best silicone tableware OEM


    Silicone tableware is popular because it is non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and can be used with any kind of food. Meishun silicone pad is one of the best silicone tableware OEMs in China. They offer a wide selection of colors and styles, as well as fast delivery. Meishun is one of the most reputable silicone tableware OEMs in China, and has a wide range of products that are both affordable and of excellent quality. If you're looking for quality silicone tableware at an affordable price, then Meishun is your best option.


     Best silicone tableware OEM in China - Meishun silicone pad. Silicone is a material that is derived from the oil industry and is made ofSilicon dioxide and hydrogen. It has many different uses, including in the food and beverage industry, as it offers several advantages over other materials. One of these is that silicone does not react with food or water, making it resistant to bacteria and ensuring that food remains fresh.


    Silicone tableware is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, partly because of how durable it is and partly because of its non-toxic properties. However, silicone tableware can be expensive to buy outright, so it's often a good idea to find an OEM supplier. Meishun silicone pad is one such supplier, and they produce some of the best silicone tableware on the market.


    What is Easy to clean silicone kneading pad? Easy to clean silicone kneading pads are generally made of food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone products have been widely used in infants, medicine, daily necessities, consumer electronics and other fields. And if you want to sell in the country, you must pass the GB food-grade safety certification. European and American countries have to pass FDA, SGS and other inspection certifications. The various unique shapes and exquisite logo patterns of the silicone pad can be customized according to your own preferences. Silicone has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, stable chemical properties, and soft texture, which are unattainable by other materials. The ever-changing silicone mats can be applied to various occasions, and the environmentally-friendly and safe silicone placemats are very popular among people.


    • The silicone kneading pad is easy to clean. Simply rinse it with water or place it in the dishwasher.
    • The silicone kneading pad is non-stick, so dough and other ingredients will not stick to it.
    • The silicone kneading pad is heat resistant, so you can use it to knead dough that is hot.
    • The silicone kneading pad is soft and flexible, so it conforms to the shape of your hand.
    • The silicone kneading pad is durable and will last for years.


      Product Name   Silicone Kneading Pad
      Size   Small 40*35cm*1mm, Large 45*41cm*1mm
      Performance   Easy to clean, food grade test, high temperature resistance 240 degrees, can be boiled, low temperature resistance -40
      Packing   Packed in OPP bag, in bulk, packed in carton outside
      Uses   Used in the kitchen to knead noodles, make sushi, and easy-to-touch pads for cooked food
      Color   Pink blue, color can be customized


    Easy to clean silicone kneading pad


    Meishun silicone pad


    Meishun Silicone products is a professional Silicone tableware Manufacturer, Silicone daily necessities Supplier.


    Meishun Plastic is a company specializing in the production of easy to clean silicone kneading pad, silicone kitchenware, silicone jewelry gifts, silicone sleeves, Silicone cosmetics OEM, many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you.


    To buy easy to clean silicone kneading pad, look for Meishun Plastic, Meishun Plastic is a professional manufacturer of easy to clean silicone kneading pad, Silicone tableware, Silicone daily necessities, Medical silicone products, Silicone accessories, Silicone pet supplies. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome more new and old customers to call or email for consultation.


    Meishun is a professional manufacturer of easy to clean silicone kneading pad. Silicone tableware has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, softness, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless and long service life. Compared with other products, the price is lower under the same conditions. Especially after the recent steel price rise, the price advantage is obvious. Products are exported to dozens of countries and regions, welcome new and old customers to contact us. >>> More Silicone tableware


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