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China Silicone bags distributor


Port:Dongguan, China

Size: small

Material: Silicon

Packing: single

Production capacity: 50000PCS/month

Features: environmental protection

Payment methods: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

Meishun is a professional manufacturer of silicone cleansing brushes. Exploiting developed countries' markets through international exhibitions are well received.

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China Silicone bags distributor - Meishun Silicone


    About China Silicone Bag General Agent:


    What is Silicone facial cleansing brush? It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-deformation, non-toxic, odorless, and no side effects on the human body. It has the advantages of softness, non-cracking, long service life, and no skin irritation. A safe, reliable, non-toxic and harmless silicone product. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, 100% environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a mainstream product with environmental protection concepts in the silicone gift market today, so silicone products are very popular among consumers.


      Product Name   Silicone facial cleansing brush
      Product size   7*4 cm
      Product net weight   20g
      Product packaging   Transparent OPP bag
      Product material   Food grade silicone
      Easy massage to promote circulation   It can effectively massage the facial skin while removing dirt, leaving the skin delicate and refreshing after cleansing.
      Simple and convenient to use   Simple operation allows you to be a simple beauty without too many professional skills.
      Easy to have a variety of uses   The soft and compact design allows the cleansing brush and powder puff to be perfectly combined, and the fashionable beauty combination, easy tohave.
      How to use   Moisturize the skin with water, spread the cleanser evenly on the face, then gently brush with the cleansing brush, and then  rinse with water to easily remove pores, dirt, dust, grease and other dirt. When washing the face, the cleansing brush can help You thoroughly remove the dirt remaining on the skin and keep the skin clean.


    China Silicone bags distributor - Meishun Silicone


    The silicone bag is made of food-grade silica gel, which is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and hygienic. It is made of food-grade silica gel, which is healthy and harmless.


    Advantages of silicone bags:


    1. Keep fresh, leak-proof, easy to open, reusable, no peculiar smell.


    2. Soft and elastic, can be folded without deformation.


    3. The use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials will not cause harm to the environment during use, disposal or incineration.


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